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Walking Tour in Cairo


Have a joyful walk in Cairo.


Schedule:    Everyday

Duration:    Approx. 5-6 hours

Pickup Time:    9:00am – we can change the time to suit you.

Tour Highlights:    Walking Tour in Cairo

Tour Prices:

Single 2- 3 Persons 4-6 Persons 7-10 Persons
80 $ 60 $ 55 $ 50 $
Your 2M Egypt tours' Tour guide will be waiting you. They will be holding  a sign of 2M Egypt, You do not need to look for them – they will be waiting for you and will find you. From the moment your tour starts, your guide will give you full attention. Once in the car, your guide will talk to you about all the things on the way as well as other aspects of your tour that will interest you. Start your visit to Bab Zwayla which is an ancient gate of Cairo. Outside the gate you can see the mosque of Al-Saleh Talai’e. You will get the chance to climb up the stairs and reach its top to see a fascinating view of the minarets of a wide range of Cairo. Just next to Bab Zwayla you can see the unique mosque of Sultan Al-Mo’ayyad which date back to the 10th century. You will have a walk into the cloth market near Ghouri Street with the chance to purchase clothes of pure cotton and even fruits. Then you will get inside the complex of sultan Al Ghouri which is really near to AL Azhar mosque. Across the street you will see the complex of Al Mu’ezz with tremendous old Islamic architecture date back to 13th-15th century. In Addition to the Qalawoun complex from the Mamluks time while crossing Copper, Silver and gold shops Walking Tour in Cairothen you can visit an ancient Islamic house belong to Souhaimy which used to be the official accommodation for the students of Al Azhar School, takes up to 200 students. Then you will be transferred from the location of Khan el Khalili to the site of Bab El futuh which is another ancient gate of old Cairo, to take some photos and enjoy a great view from the Palace of Bishtack and the Souhaimy house. Finally you can set in a Café at the middle of Khan el Khalili which is called Al Feshawy Café. Travel in comfort back to your hotel, Cairo has so much to see, feel, eat and buy so if you have time and want to add more to your itinerary – just let us know what you are interested in and we will arrange it for you.